PCAT – Pre Pharmacy

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PCAT – Pre Pharmacy

About The Course

PCAT is the pharmacy college admission test which is necessary to be identified by the authorized pharmacy colleges. You are tested for multiple sections including biology, chemistry, quantitative reasoning, critical reading essay writing and mathematical problem-solving techniques in PCAT. 

Our PCAT prep course can help you prepare and pass this exam even in the first attempt. We are covering all the subjects, important topics and sub-topics that are experienced and common in PCAT test. MDI Prep not only teach you theoretically but also promote practical studies, so you better prepare yourself for the exam.

This is one of the best PCAT prep courses MDI Prep has introduced. In this course, we focus on biology processes from scratch, chemistry, essay writing, comprehension and more. Along with this, we also do testing and mock examination for each topic. Not finished here, this course also focus on individual study plans to help you know where you exactly need to put the great efforts.

We are following the best daily schedule for this course and the study plan you need. In our curriculum for PCAT test you can explore the complete outline, topics and detailed schedule to follow. Moreover, you can also see the PCAT tutor for each subject in instructors profile. Our instructors are quiet professional and knows the best tricks and tips helpful to you.

So, collaborate with the professional PCAT instructors today and ensure the success in your PCAT test today with this course. Enroll by following a few simple steps and get started. 

What Will You Learn?

In this course, you will learn how to prepare for PCAT test theoretically and practically only in 12-weeks. That’s because you will cover each subject from scratch along with the important topic and sub-topics. Not only this, you also learn to get rid of anxiety and depression you face during the exam.

See the core benefits of joining the MDI Prep PCAT exam.

  • Complete preparation only in 12-weeks
  • Study of all important subjects from scratch
  • Focus on experienced topics

  • Experienced PCAT tutor for each subject
  • Individual study plans for maximum improvement
  • Discussions, reviews and feedbacks

Course Curriculam

Section 1: Complete Course Outline

  • Section 1: Complete Course Outline

Section 2: Daily Study Schedule For PCAT Exam

Section 3: Week 1-2: Diagnostic Test and Subject Review

Section 4: Weeks 3-6: Intensive Subject Study

Section 5: Weeks 7-8: Comprehensive Review

Section 6: Weeks 9-10: Practice Tests and Simulations

Section 7: Weeks 11-12: Final Review and Refinement



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